What is Cfast?


Cfast is a revolutionary straightening treatment that employs a quick, yet gentle action to realign visible front teeth. It can be used discreetly on the front of the teeth or even more inconspicuously on the back of the teeth.

NB: We only use clear/tooth coloured
brackets and wires in our treatments

What are the benefits?

  • More comfortable than traditional braces
  • Quick results
  • Clear brackets and tooth coloured wires
  • Minimal force placed on the teeth
  • Affordable due to short treatment time

What does treatment involve?

  • Cfast brackets are attached either to the front or back of your teeth to which nickel titanium wires are then fitted.
  • The appliance quickly and gently moves your teeth into the desired position.
  • You will need to attend regular check-ups to ensure that treatment is progressing well.


After treatment, and as with all tooth straightening procedures, you will have to wear a retainer to keep your teeth firmly in place.

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