Say hello to our extra helpful hygienists!

Our qualified hygienists just love making sure your teeth are nice and clean, but that’s not all they do – they are also excellent dental educators and keep a close and experienced eye on your oral health.

Scaling and polishing is one of our top hygiene treatments, after all it’s a great way to remove all that terrible tartar and give your teeth a really deep clean. Even if you brush your teeth regularly at home, it isn’t enough to prevent the daily build-up of damaging deposits, which bring with them a whole host of nasties including bleeding gums and bad breath. And this two pronged attack on plaque not only leaves teeth looking and feeling super fresh and healthy, it can also prevent or slow the progress of that pernicious condition – gum disease.

Our eagle eyed hygienists will inspect your gums for any signs of disease which, if left untreated, can cause significant problems such as tooth loss or even damage to your jawbone. They also routinely perform another potentially life-saving check when they look for signs of mouth cancer – an increasingly prevalent disease that is so much easier to treat if caught early.

Our hygienists love spreading the dental health word so your pearly whites will stay prettier for longer. They will teach you all manner of terrific teeth cleaning techniques, including how to use handy dental tools to keep every part of your mouth clean and fresh. They will also offer dietary advice so you’ll know exactly what tooth friendly treats to snack on.

As well as introducing your children to the dentist as early as possible, it’s also a great idea to have your little ones say hello to a hygienist – they’re not just for grown-ups! This will mean youngsters will be relaxed about having treatments for super sparkly teeth, as well as brushing up on top teeth cleaning tips. Hygienists will also protect the most vulnerable tiny teeth with fissure sealants and varnishes (available for adults too!) to help keep decay at bay.

Hygienists aren’t just in the business of maintaining healthy mouths – dental hygiene can have a significant effect on the rest of your body too. Poor gum health and periodontal disease have been linked to a number of diseases such as heart disease and diabetes so it pays to make sure your mouth is as clean as it can be and to get friendly with your hygienist!