Whiten up – it’s Christmas!

Tooth whitening is an effective stain busting treatment that will ensure you keep on smiling throughout the festive period and into a very shiny New Year!

So if you’re hiding your dull teeth away, set them free with this confidence boosting blast of brightness to light up your life.

Teeth can become discoloured for a number of reasons including staining from smoking and tasty tipples such as coffee, cola and red wine. Certain medications or damage can also change the inner structure of the tooth and cause discolouration. And, as if ageing wasn’t bad enough already, it can also lead to discoloured teeth due to prolonged exposure to staining agents and a thinning of the enamel that allows the yellowing dentine to show through.

But don’t despair if your smile isn’t as bright as a Christmas star, our super safe tooth whitening can help get rid of all those pesky stains using a gentle and effective chemical process.

This smile enhancing treatment is suitable for most people (including those with teeth that have had their root removed) however whitening is not effective on dental restorations such as amalgam fillings, metal or porcelain crowns. Also results usually depend on how discoloured your teeth are when you begin the process and it may take a few visits to reach your ideal shade.

So come in for a chat – we’ll try to establish the cause of any discolouration and recommend the most appropriate whitening treatment based on the condition of your teeth. We’ll then let you know what’s available, how long it will take and how often you’ll have to come in for treatment.

Call us on 0131 229 3040 and let your teeth shine on!